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Accepted Mini Symposia Details


Theme 1: Wind resource, metocean and extreme conditions

(Dual) Doppler Wind Radar for Wind Energy Applications
Dr. Bernhard Lange, Fraun
hofer IWES

Atmospheric drivers of blade leading edge erosion
Professor Sara C Pryor, Cornell University

Atmospheric Icing on Wind Turbines
Prof. Dr. Serkan Özgen, Middle East Technical University

Bringing together offshore wind resource assessment and metocean technical aspects

Marie-Anne Cowan, Wood Thilsted

IEA Wind Task 52:  Replacing met masts and Accelerating offshore wind deployment
Dr. Julia Gottschall, Fraunhofer IWES

Large wind farm wakes
Professor Rebecca Barthelmie, Cornell University

Large-Scale Wind Farm Effects – is there an upper limit for installations?
Dr. Gregor Giebel, DTU Wind

Minute-scale forecasting for wind power applications
Dr. Frauke Theuer, ForWind - Institute of Physics, University of Oldenburg

Understanding the physics and aerodynamics of atmospheric flow for predicting wind power production and evaluating loads
Prof. Jakob Mann, DTU Wind

Wind fields – highly resolved measurements, models and uncertainties
Prof. Joachim Peinke, rWind - Center For Wind Energy Research, University Of Oldenburg

Wind Resource Variability and Climate Change Impacts
Dr. Andrea N. Hahmann, Technical University Of Denmark

Theme 2 :  Wind farm-level modelling and analysis

AWAKEN—The American Wake Experiment
The American Wake Experiment Nicholas Hamilton, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Complex Wind Plant Physics
Dr. Matthew Churchfield, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Full scale offshore wake model validation
Dr Wolfgang Schlez, Proplanen

Open Source Wind Farm Flow Model Libraries
Dr Pierre-elouan Réthoré, DTU Wind And Energy Systems

Optimal value-generation of wind energy systems through adaptive operational strategies Niklas Requate, Fraunhofer Iwes

OWA GloBE: Building Industry Consensus on the Global Blockage Effect in Offshore Wind
Mr Neil Adams, Carbon Trust

Wind Farm Flow Control research organized by IEA Wind Task 44
Dr Paul Fleming, Nrel

Theme 3 :  Aerodynamics and aeroelasticity


Active Flow Control at Blade Scale
Dr Caroline Braud, Cnrs

Current state of the art and new developments in wind turbine aeroelasticity
Dr. Vasilis Riziotis, National Technical University Of Athens

Multidisciplinary Design of Wind Turbines
Dr. Frederik Zahle, Technical University Of Denmark

Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamic Measurements
Dr Christopher Kelley, Sandia National Laboratories

Theme 4 :  Control strategies and acoustics

Control strategies for Acoustics
Prof Carlo L.Bottasso, Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Environmental design and operation of wind turbines
Dr. Konstanze Kölle, SINTEF Energy Research

IEA Wind Task 52: Lidar-Assisted Control, Turbulence Estimation, and Digitalization
Dr. Eric Simley, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Power Electronics Control for Wind energy systems
Dr David Campos-Gaona, University Of Strathclyde

Smart operation control technologies for offshore wind farms
Dr Annette Stephansen, NORCE

Theme 5 :  Structures, structural integrity, materials

Advanced design of support structures-load assessment, structural reliability, and computer-aided optimisation

Professor Michael Muskulus, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Structural and mechanical sub-systems of multi-MW turbines: Recent advances and innovations in design, load modelling and dynamic monitoring

Dr. Abbas Mehrad KAZEMI AMIRI, University of Strathclyde

Structural design, modelling and simulation of wind turbine rotor blades
Dr. Claudio Balzani, ForWind - Leibniz University Hannover

Structural integrity assessment and life cycle management of wind farms

Dr. Pablo G. Morato, University Of Liege

Theme 6 :  Reliability, monitoring and sensing, O&M

Digital twins for lifetime assessment of structures
Dr.-Ing. Clemens Hübler, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Institute Of Structural Analysis, Forwind

German research wind farm WiValdi – innovative instrumentation and advanced testing to enable a digital twin wind farm
Dr. Yves Govers, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Maintenance logistics organization for offshore wind energy
Dr Xiaoli Jiang, Tu Delft

Monitoring the Performance of Operational Wind Turbines
Mr Philip Bradstock, Bitbloom

Prognostics and Health Management
Dr. Donatella Zappala, TU Delft

Recent progress on lifetime extension, decommissioning, Repowering and Repurposing of onshore and offshore wind turbines
Dr. Abdollah Malekjafarian, University College Dublin

Structural Monitoring as a Tool for Managing Wind Farms Operation
Professor Filipe Magalhães, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

Theme 7 :  Power conversion, drivetrain, grid connection and integration of wind based renewable plants

Drivetrain and electro-mechanical interactions
Dr. Irene Eguinoa, CENER (National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain)

Hybrid Renewable Plants
Dr. Jennifer King, National Renewable Energy Lab

Multidisciplinary optimization of wind power plants
Dr. Juan-Andrés Pérez-Rúa, DTU Wind

Offshore Energy Hubs
Mr Nicolaos A. Cutululis, Dtu Wind And Energy Sytems, Technical University Of Denmark

Pathways for Future Design, Connection and Testing of Wind Power Plants
Dr Guangya Yang, Technical University of Denmark

Reliability Services from Wind Power
Dr. Oscar Saborío-Romano, Technical University Of Denmark

Value-centred design of wind turbines and wind farms
Mr Martin Kühn, ForWind - University Oldenburg

Wind Turbine Drive Train: Trends and Technologies
Prof. Dr.-ing. Amir Ebrahimi, Leibniz University Hannover

WinGrid  project - H2020-MSCA-ITN programmeWind farm grid interactions - exploration and development
Professor, PhD, Msc Xiaowei Zhao, Warwick University

Theme 8 :  Floating Offshore Wind Turbines

COREWIND-Cost Efficient Floating Wind
Prof. Po Wen Cheng, University Of Stuttgart

Experiments about floating wind turbines
Dr Sara Muggiasca, Politecnico Di Milano

FLOATECH: The Future of Floating Wind Turbines
Dr.-Ing. Joseph Saverin, Technische Universität Berlin

Floating Wind Farm Design and IEA Wind Task 49
Dr. Matthew Hall, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Floating wind: system design and lifecycle performance analysis

Professor Taeseong Kim, Technical University of Denmark

How does metocean adapt to floating offshore wind requirements?
Dr Robert Mawdsley, Renantis UK Limited

Offshore Wind Modeling Tool Validation (OC6)
Dr. Amy Robertson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Wakes of floating wind turbines
Prof. Sandrine Aubrun, Ecole Centrale De Nantes & Dr. Michael Hölling, University of Oldenburg

Theme 9 :  Economics, Health & Safety, and Environmental Impact

Exploring the socioeconomic and political challenges facing the development of the world’s first energy islands
Dr. Tyler Hansen, DTU Wind and Energy Systems

Theme 10 :  Emerging Technologies and Special Sessions

Airborne Wind Energy
Dr. Roland Schmehl, Tu Delft

Emerging floating technologies for offshore wind
Dr Abel Arredondo-Galeana, University Of Strathclyde

Machine learning and big data applications in wind energy
Dr Lars Landberg, DNV

Multirotor wind turbine systems
Professor Peter Dalhoff, HAW Hamburg

Ocean-REFuel: next generation Renewable Ocean Energy

Prof Feargal Brennan

Running (inter)national wind energy training networks and how to learn from these for future upscaling
Project Coördinator Marijke Mahieu, Ghent University

Small wind turbines: the next ten years
Prof. Mark Runacres, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Supporting and Encouraging Technology Transfer and Adoption in the Wind Energy Sector
Dr Andrew Clifton, TTI GmbH, TGU enviConnect

Towards an Ecosystem of FAIR Data and Open-Source Tools
Dr. Julian Quick, Technical University Of Denmark

Uncertainty in analysis, design and operations
Dr Nikolay Dimitrov, DTU Wind And Energy Systems

Vertical-axis wind turbines and wind farms, including multi-rotor systems
Prof. Dr. Carlos Simao Ferreira, Delft University of Technology

Wind and Renewable Hydrogen
Dr Genevieve Starke, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

XROTOR Offshore Wind Turbine Concept. EU H2020 XROTOR Project Update.
Dr James Carroll, University of Strathclyde

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To submit your abstract to present in one of the Mini Symposia below, please visit the Submission Portal.

Full details of Mini Symposia proposals can be viewed here. Please note, names listed are the Mini Symposia organisers. 

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